Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hello! My activities for last week are...

For Monday, i get to learn marble cake and butter cake for the demo lesson which was fun and interesting. And also tried making it during the practical lesson which was partly successful.

For Tuesday, only came for the demo lesson and went home as there is no english lesson on that day. Learnt muffins and scones.

For Wednesday, i have to bring a lot of things as i have practical lesson. Made muffins and scones. Managed to make the muffins well. But for the scone, it turned sideways after being baked.

For Thursday, my name is called up to do the speech. But i didn't prepare well so i was given a penalty instead. -.- For demo lesson, learnt swiss rolls.

For Friday, i had theory lessons for the whole day. Did project too.

For Saturday, made swiss rolls. Didn't have the time to rest throughout the whole practical lesson! -.- And i could not finish my swiss rolls in time.

P.S. Sorry for the late post!

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